Family Matters

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Today we were blessed to have Lori Tovar speak to our group.  Lori is part of an ambassador team (with her husband Sam) for Family Matters; which was founded by Tim Kimmel with the goal “to see families transformed by God’s grace into instruments of reformation and restoration”.  Lori not only spoke to us about Grace Based Parenting but also showed us how to keep it in balance without being too rigid or too relaxed.  If you are interested in the reading material, Lori had several books and CDs available (and a GREAT value book/CD bundle!) for purchase that cover a wide variety of parenting topics.

The discussion around Grace Based parenting was a great experience and we invite you to join us in the future!




Our next get-together at Holy Spirit is a gym play date, 9:00-10:30, November 21st.


November Meeting

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Tomorrow (the 1st Thursday) is our November Meeting.  We hope you join us and look forward to seeing everyone!  Last month we discussed goals and we mapped out our new direction by getting commitments from our members regarding how each of us will contribute our talents.  This year we will not have a “steering” team.  All of our members will contribute in away that helps us feel connected and guides us toward serving one another.  Cayce Grote led us in prayer last month (2 Corinthians 5:6-7,9) and prayer is something we will look forward to at every meeting.  See you soon and God Bless!

New MOPS Year

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There have been some recent changes in our group and you may have heard that we dissolved.  What transpired was more like hitting a “reset” button and we are getting back to the core values of MOPS.  Our child care arrangement has changed, our membership has changed and all the current members of our group are working together to make this a great year.  Below, you will find the most current statement from our coordinators that was recently posted on our facebook page.


Through some deliberation at what was supposed to be our last meeting, the newest members of our group have requested essentially a “do over”. Holy Spirit MOPS will start fresh, focusing on the fundamentals and core values of MOPS International. We are dialing back some to save on finances. We will only be meeting the first Thursday of every month from 9:30-11:30am at Holy Spirit for an actual MOPS meeting and the third Thursday of the month will be a scheduled play date held in the gym at Holy Spirit from 9-10:30am. We will continue to fulfill all our commitments made to our sponsors. If you paid your dues and don’t wish to continue, please let us know for a full refund. Any alumni MOPS moms that would like to come back as mentors, we welcome your support and guidance! Let us know and we will contact you with details. Have a blessed rest of the week!

End of Year 2012-2013

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Hi Everyone!! Summer is here and while we’re sad to have had our last meeting of the year, there is a lot to look forward to 🙂 Karen Gregory and Cacye Grote have graciously volunteered their time to coordinate our MOPS Chapter for 2013-2014. Our steering teem will be soon be in place and the summer calendar is coming out. We hope you join us for some fun this summer and can’t wait to see all of you in the fall.


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Yay for flowers, bike rides, warm air and saying good-bye to cabin fever!  It’s been a great semester for MOPS so far and the next few months are looking good too.  We are in the process of signing up volunteers to lead next year’s group and look forward to meeting new people.  If you’re new to the area or interested in getting to know the members of our group, go ahead and email us at  We continue to get together throughout the summer and it may help you decide if you’d like to join us in the fall.  We hope you and your family had a Happy Easter.  God bless!

Snow Days!

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Just a reminder… if Lee’s Summit schools are canceled, our open gym at Holy Spirit and meetings will be canceled as well.  I hope everyone is getting through the blizzard!  Kids enjoy snow days but surley have cabin fever by now.  We love seeing the pictures of our moms having fun in the snow.  It’s so beautiful outside.  While it seems like some of us haven’t seen each other for a month because of the storm and flu season combined, I have enjoyed having my husband home for snow days to entertain our son.  It’s kind of been like a mini-vacation.  Of course, I am still anxious for spring!

Our Super Bowl Bakesale was a huge success and we’d like to thank all who baked, bought and sold.  Usually we end the year with a Bingo Night fundraiser but are thinking of changing things up this year.  If you have ideas, please share!  Email us at

Stay safe and warm 🙂

Bake Sale Coming Up!

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Get ready for the Super Bowl Parties!! Holy Spirit Parishioners will be waiting to purchase our goodies after all Masses the weekend of February 2/3. We need your goodies by Saturday, February 2nd at 4pm. Please label and wrap them in clear packaging for easy viewing. If you’d like to sign up to bring something, view our current needs at the link below.

If you’d like to help sell our baked goods, contact us at


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Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools District is closed due to inclement weather.  This means we will not be meeting today.  We hope you have a blessed Christmas and stay safe if you have to drive anywhere today.  Please enjoy the goodies you made for the cookie exchange and save your ornament for our January meeting.  See you in 2013.

Holiday Cheer

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Our last meeting of the Semester is coming up.  Don’t forget to bring a wrapped ornament or set of ornaments (totaling less than $5) for our ornament exchange and two dozen of your favorite holiday cookie or treat to share.  You will also need an empty container for our cookie swap.  See you then 🙂

Happy Holidays!!!

Great start to November!

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Our first November meeting was today and God delivered the weather we ordered 😉  Our Home-Based Business and Sponsor Meeting was a success!  There were awesome door prizes, the vendors were great and guess who got some of her Christmas shopping done?  (I’m so excited to be starting early!)  We are welcoming many new mothers this year and I hope they get as much out of the MOPS program as those of us who have been coming back for several years now.  We are looking forward to having a nutritionist speak at our next meeting as well as bringing our donations for the Thanksgiving Meal Service Project.  It’s a busy time at Holy Spirit MOPS, but things will start to slow down just in time for a relaxing Spa Day.  How fun!  Maybe we’ll see you there :):)

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